Sustainability is of high priority to us. We focus on quality in our products, ensuring a longer expected lifespan, which is crucial in critical infrastructures such as hospitals, power plants or data centers, where we also provide end-of-service management. Our product portfolio has also been expanded in recent years with products and systems related to energy-related and environmental topics, such as energy management systems, innovative energy storage systems, and our own charging solutions with integrated charging management for e-mobility.

In mid-2022, we implemented an energy management system in our company, which continuously monitors and controls energy consumption for taking energy-efficient measures in order to reduce CO2 emissions.

In the first quarter of 2024, the office wing was expanded with a sustainable wood building in collaboration with the construction company Hentschläger. Furthermore, a photovoltaic system will be installed on the roof in 2024, which will cover the majority of our electricity needs.

CO2 reduction in the area of transport and mobility also acts of highest importance to us. Therefore, we already use several electric cars in our company fleet. Optimised transport routes for the import of goods and the use of sustainable packaging materials for deliveries to customers are also an important contribution of us to a better environment and sustainable economy.

We understand sustainable and successful operation also as a way to combine both economic and social goals. Optimised working methods that significantly reduce paper consumption as well as the use of energy-efficient LED lighting at all workplaces that are designed for optimal illumination, contribute to a perfect working environment in our company.