Medical applications

  • Switching and monitoring systems for secure operation in hospitals, clinics, sanatoriums, medical practices and medical service centers.
  • Safety testing for electrical medical devices.

Power generation, transmission and distribution

Insulation monitoring for early detection of insulation degradtions and for localisation of faulted feeders.

Infeed of renewable energies

Measuring and monitoring devices for system and power protection of decentralized infeed of renewables in smart grids.

Secondary substations

Power quality measuring devices according to DIN 50160 for all measuring tasks and for sustainable energy use in smart grids.

Data centers

Residual current monitoring and power quality measurement meeting all typical requirements in modern data centers.


  • Insulation and residual current monitoring for early detection of insulation degradations.
  • Energy management systems according to ISO 50001 for identification of savings potentials, improvement of energy efficiency and reduction of energy costs.
  • Radio systems for specific safety requirements (SIL3 Ple) such as large-scale cranes, overhead travelling cranes and heavy industry.


Radio systems for agricultural and forestry machinery as well as winches of all types, tested and certified according to KWF standards.

Office and industrial buildings

Flat cable systems meeting highest standards up to IP68 protection class for more flexibility in buildings and for cabling simplifications.

Charging stations

Charging controllers, insulation and residual current monitoring as well as charging stations including load management for private and public areas.