Reliable Power Supply

As a system supplier, we are one of Austria‘s leading companies with our special products. Our core programme includes power system protection with focus on standard-compliant power supply and monitoring systems for medical applications, such as hospitals, nursing homes or out-patient facilities, as well as special monitoring systems for early detection of insulation degradation in industrial plants, power stations and data centres.

With a view to meeting the highest quality requirements, we rely on certified manufacturers who can produce the highest quality on the most advanced production lines. Thanks to the existing know-how as well as experience and innovation, we are able to offer customized, safe and cost-effective solutions.

Our main stock with more than 2000 products is the core of our logistics concept and guarantees quick availability for our customers. Modern ERP software and an efficient sales organisation ensure orders to be processed as quickly as possible and deliveries to reach their places of destination in extremely short times.

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