PRI:CHARGER Wallbox Series

Plug & Charge

PRI:CHARGER wallboxes, which can be scaled in order to meet different application requirements, perform safe and reliable charging of electric vehicles in private, semi-public and also in public areas.

Beside authorisation via RFID, PRI:CHARGER allows implementation of a payment terminal for cashless and also contactless payment with major bank and credit cards.

The wallboxes support Plug & Charge as well as easy and swift setup. Furthermore, excess electricity generated by a local photovoltaic station can be utilised for charging.

PRI:CHARGER facilitates memorisation and accounting of all charging operations for typical application areas such as public parking lots, semi-public or commercial parking areas of companies, hotels, restaurants and many more. A 4G modem can be implemented as an option.

The front sides of the wallboxes can be individually designed.

In Compliance with Calibration Laws

Together with a backend system, PRI:CHARGER stations support independent public accounting of the charging power. All relevant metering data is displayed at the wallbox.

Integrated Load Mangement

Through the integrated dynamic load management system, which is fully available even without connection to a backend, charging currents can be determined by phase. Therefore, load peaks, unbalanced load as well as exceeding overall charging current at the output can be avoided.

Easy Connection and Setup of a Conductor Rail System

PRI:CHARGER wallboxes can be wired to an extendable conductor rail system with up to 200 stations. The integrated load management system provides a safe charging infrastructure.

Plug & Charge

The future-proof PRI:CHARGER wallboxes are prepared for Plug & Charge. Together with a backend and an electric vehicle that both support Plug & Charge, the charging process automatically starts after connecting the vehicle to the wallbox without additional authentication steps.

Integrated Fault Current Protection

ZFor higher safety levels, PRI:CHARGER wallboxes can be equipped with a DC fault current sensor. Furthermore, this only requires an upstream fault current circuit breaker of type A, which can be installed into the wallbox as an option.

RFID Authentication

By RFID authentication, electric vehicles can only be charged by authorised users, who are registered in the backend or locally.

Charging can be cleared with a RFID charging card or with a RFID tag.

Payment Terminal

In addition to RFID, PRI:CHARGER allows integration of a payment terminal at the front side for easy accounting of charging events featuring a dynamic tariff systems (price per kilowatt hour, starting/blocking fees etc.) via web interface. OCPP is not required here.

Payment is achieved with major bank and credit cards and can also be processed contactless via NFC (Apple Pay, Google Pay etc.).

Extensive Communiation

Communication between PRI:CHARGER stations as well as between PRI:CHARGER stations and backend system can be performed via LAN, WLAN and GSM, with one or multiple SIM cards.

Energy Management

PRI:CHARGER may be integrated into Home Energy Management systems (HEM), where power consumption of electric vehicles can be synchronised with power generation by a local photovoltaic station. Furthermore, the system supports blackout protection. PRI:CHARGER supports communication protocols such as EEBus, SEMP, SunSpec Modbus and Modbus TCP.

A mobile app provides an optimal overview of the PRI:CHARGER wallbox and the charging process. In addition, it allows multiple specific charging settings.

Max. charging capacity 22 kW AC
Input 3P 400V 32A (22 kW)
General characteristics Configurable master and slave operation ● Integrable in one- or three-phase grids up to 3 x 32 A ● Integrated emergency opener for drive control (lock / unlock) ● Internal temperature sensor for reduction of load current, depending on ambient temperature
Certifications IEC 61851-1 Charging System for Electric Vehicles ● IEC 61851-22 EMC ● IEC 62196 Charging Socket ● 2014/35/EU Low Voltage Directive ● 2014/53/EU Radio Equipment Directive (RED) ● 2011/65/EU Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)
Load management EEBus, SEMP, SunSpec Modbus, Modbus TCP
Charging status display Multi-color LED at device
Max. cable diameter 5 x 10 mm²
Dimensions (W x H x D) 368 mm x 356 mm x 167 mm
Weight 5 kg
Protection type IP54 (suitable for indoor and outdoor installation)
Operating range -20°C to 40°C (without direct sun irradiance) ● 5% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing ● max. 2000m above sea level
Charging connection Charging socket Type 2 with automatic locking (IEC/EN 62196) Mounted loading cable Type 2 (5m)
Fault current detection 6mA (DC) Integrated RCCB (AC), Fault current circuit breaker type A
electricity meter MID-compliant Calibration law-compliant
Charging clearance RFID with charging card or tag Payment terminal CCV IM15
Communication Power Line Communication (PLC) ISO 15118, LAN, WLAN GSM (LTE 4G), Open Charge Point OCPP 1.5/1.6
Display 3.5 inch IPS full color touchscreen
Dimensions (W x H) 107 mm x 75 mm
Functions Virtual PIN pad, integrated contactless scanner, camera for barcodes and QR codes
Protection type IP65, also between machine and terminal IK09